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Pre-Release VP Presents #4 Frajeena-Tink-Aerial Command

Pre-Release VP Presents #4 Frajeena-Tink-Aerial Command. Pre-release books were mock-ups of the actual books... ashcans, so to speak. Usually two were printed, maybe a couple more, but the point of these pre-release books was so that the printer knew what the final book was supposed to look like and so that we had a reference for the book while we were producing subsequent comics. They are about as rare as items come when it comes to the actual books they represent and they are obviously produced prior to the release of the book.



Venusian Press Psychopath #1 Ashcan Edition

These were copies made for shop use and verifying before the product was sent to press. There were only FIVE available (That I am aware of) and they are numbered.


Currently Unavailable